Garden & lawn management for pest

Pest come in a variety of form weeds, insects, animals, molds and fungi to name a few this all needs control outdoor pests varies.  Some pest can damage human and animal health such as mosquitoes that carry disease. Pesticides provide many reliefs from many pests but they are not only solution to pest problems.  Proper choice of grass and plant species for your sites and your condition is the most important key to a healthy lawn and garden management. By keeping the lawn and garden healthy are the best defence pests such as weeds insects or diseases.

To keep fine track of market trends and progress Rex Environment Science Pvt. Ltd offering a wide spectrum of Garden and lawn management for pest in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.  All services are offered by our professional hold in detail familiarity in this domain.  We are offering effective landscape and garden treatment by making use of advanced techniques and tested fertilizers and manures which helps us in eliminating pest from garden and landscape as they can affect the plant trees and grass. We provide this service at cost effective price range.

Garden & Lawn Management for pest India

Garden & lawn management for pest Services in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


  • Grow pest resistant varieties of plant shrubs and trees. There should be choices should also be well suited to soil and climate.
  • Grow healthy plant highly attention to organic matter,  watering and other condition for healthy plant
  • Maintain an adequately fertilized lawn hand dig weed spot treat.
  • It kills pests by growing large showy composite flowers for them to land on and feed and limiting pesticides application.
  • Clean up plant debris at the season and destroy diseased plant materials.

When to spray the lawn and garden for insects:-

Insecticides lawn spray is not always or one time of application as to control insects around your lawn and garden effectively spray your lawn several times throughout the year because various insect emerge at different times through the spring and summer seasons. It is highly depends upon season like early spring, before summer, before rainy etc.

Controlling of the lawn and garden for insects can be done by manual without any pest control like by keeping healthy soil, Manual control, diatomaceous earth, neem oil etc. many more.

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