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We, Rex Environment Science are known to be amongst the leading firm exhibiting their proven qualities in offering most effective pest control services and much more. We are providing the best pest control solution to the clients. These services include Termite Control Service, Cockroach Control Services, General Pest Control, Bird pest control, Wood borer pest control, Rodent pest control, cockroaches pest control, Wood borer pest control etc & many more. The main basic impetus of the company is to provide healthy and hygienic environment to its customers. We offer technologically aided and strictly supervised solution for pest control that is highly cherished by our valued patrons for the offered acute professionalism compliance to safety standards utilization of the modern day instrument, timely completion, client centric & optimum flexibility. Our team members only use effective chemical, pesticides and latest equipment while rendering these services. Honesty , integrity and quality services are main our concern. At Rex Environment Science Pvt. Ltd. emphasis is given to cater to the needs of our the customers through the best possible Pest solution and by using safest and environment friendly chemicals.


Our team member have the expertise to protect homes, hotels, various industries, factories, government offices, corporate office, and other establishment from pest problems. All services we provide are as per the global standards. We have our strong presence around the nation and are widely appreciated for our effective services we apply the safest insecticides through our modern equipment for ensuring 100% effectiveness in controlling the pests. This in turn ensures safety of human beings. We have team of highly qualified professional who are trained to be customer oriented and have vast industry experience. Their expertise and practical experience enables them to provide best pest control services at very competitive prices.

We are successful in registering ourselves as renowned name in the industry with his sharp business acumen. Our enlarge footprint have become a possibility due to client base from industrial and commercial sector that shown trust in us.


Are the best purpose of maintaining this reputation, we engaged in the utilization of the best grade raw materials and modern machines in compliance with the set industry norms and guidelines. This ensure the product sturdiness, durability, resistance to corrosion, finishing and dimensional accuracy. This all is highly appreciated by our client for its standardized quality, commendable packaging, timely delivery and reasonable pricing.

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Wood Borer Pest Control Veraval


Rex Environment Science Pvt. Ltd. pest control services provide you with the most effective and ongoing pest management solution for your residence. We give best services of general pest control in Gujarat with the help of our unique and complete approach. We also recommend you an annual maintenance contract for all services like cockroach, Red Ants control, Wood borer treatment, Anti termite’s treatment, vector pest control to keep your property free from pest throughout the year. We value your time we consider your schedule to be our schedule. So why waiting feel free to call us a trained certified Rex Environment Science expert will have a solution.

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Quality assurance

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With us, quality has always been our main concern. We always put all our efforts and hard work to maintain optimum quality of the products. Since our inception, we have been supplying the products that display quality and durability. Our services and all product are analyzed both prior to procurement and before dispatch to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding our customer specification. We have developed a total quality control system under the direction of quality experts and professional. Our products under go quality check from vendors sit till the final delivery of the product.

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In common language, pest is a common language means an insect usually attack and spoils our food and also cause damages to our health. Pest is defined as an insect or small animal that is harmful or damages crops. Pest includes mosquitos, ants, spiders, cockroaches, bed bug so on. Pest control would be the process of managing or removing pest from the house or place of business. There is various method of managing or controlling pest can be done with a number of methods.


The Industrial pest control is important because rodents and insects carry diseases infest your industry, room and also kitchens, bedroom etc. many more. The main purpose of removing any kind of the pest from your home, garage, or yard is to keep you safe and healthy. Pest of all stripes carries through viruses and bacteria that require long term treatment. As Rodent can cause serious property damage and their presence can lead to some long term diseases. Most bugs belong in environment other than your home. If it is one or two it is probably a random few that happened to fly or crawl but when insects can see on regular basis after unsuccessfully rid to them with retail products it is likely that you got an infestation in your home. It is highly effect to your body parts and excrement all contribute to unhealthy condition especially for people with lung health condition. Pest control is very important to keep safe to your family. Pest like mice, cockroaches and other can make a nest in your home before you know they are there. Within a matter of hours or days they made themselves comfortable and except you to pay the bill with your health and your safety.


Pest Control is the process to regulate or manage any type of species defined as a pest or any type of living organism which competes with human, domestic animals or desired plants for food or water. Moreover to control the same is keeping down the pest by natural or man made method to prevent spread of disease and prevent any damage.


Yes, Pest control is safe for your industry, your family etc. Today pest control operators view themselves as guardians of the environment. There are various ways to minimize application of pesticides instead option for highly targeted product which avoid damage to your living area and other community. We find each and every pest in a very different way.


Bed bugs are tiny insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals.  To treat at initial stage at home follow the below mentioned treatment: If you suspect that bed bugs have made a home in your bedding, blankets, and even your clothes, it’s time to give your items a thorough wash with the hot water. Heat treatment is an effective method for getting rid of these pesky creatures because they get dehydrated due to the intense heat.  Make it a point to vacuum your bedding, furniture, and even the tiny cracks that you see on your bed frame, walls, and wallpaper. Even the box spring must be vacuumed as much as possible. If you have a steam cleaner at home, you can also use it to remove the bed bugs from your mattress and box spring. An even better option is to rent a professional steam cleaner. When it comes to natural remedies to get rid of bed bugs, diatomaceous earth is a good option to consider as it is a chemical-free powder that can eliminate different types of pests, including bed bugs. Another example of home remedies to get rid of bed bugs is baking soda, which dehydrates the bugs by removing moisture. You can sprinkle a light layer of baking soda on areas you think these critters are staying in. Black walnut tea has antibacterial, antifungal, and insecticidal properties that can contribute to getting rid of the infestation in your home. Another possible remedy is use a remove bed bugs in your home is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is known for its antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, and antibiotic properties, but it also has antiparasitic properties which can eliminate parasitic bed bugs. 

Organic Pest Control

Rex Pest Control is engaged in offering an unparalleled high-quality range of Organic Pest Control. The products which are used for the Organic Pest Control are procured from reliable and consistent vendors of the market and are accessible with us at the most affordable price.

What is Organic Pest Control?

Organic pest control typically involves natural substances that range from soaps, salt and vinegar to pyrethrum and lime sulfur. We are engaged in offering the best range of Organic Pest Control solutions for home, garden and farm using beneficial insects, organic insecticides, natural insect repellents, traps and pheromone lures for all integrated pest management programs. These are rendered as per the customer’s demands and we are using the modern technology tools for creating the best pest control service for our esteem customers.

Organic Pest Control Companies

Are you searching for the best Organic Pest Control Companies near your area or any nock corner areas developed in India then you are at the right place, Rex Pest Control is the most demanded and most recognized firm in the field of Organic Pest Control and other types of Pest Control Services.

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