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Termite Pest Control In India

Termites Control Service - Post construction anti termite treatment

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They feed on cellulose based materials like wood, books, boxes furniture and drywall covering. Termites are continually scavenging and have been found more than 150 feet from a province.


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It is first step prevention or to be alert on termites. Termites rarely emerge from soil, mud tubes of food sources through which they are tunneling. People will not see any termites until they see or swarm or come across damage during construction. Some of the way to discover if you have termites is listed below:

  • By probing wood for hollow spots
  • Termites swarm

Termites swarm wings are roughly equal in length and are straight may droop.


Construction time concrete foundation and leave an ventilation space between the soil and wood. Wood surface is with sealant or metal barrier.
Features of termites Prevention

  • Construction keeps the soil around the foundation dry through proper gaining and drainage maintenance
  • Fix leaks immediately
  • Keep free from blockage including plant
  • Trees and shrubs are not planted too close to the structure and do not allow them to grow against wood surface
  • Ensure that termite’s colonies do not become established.

How do I treat termites

Active infestation we typically suggest getting a pest control service to do the work for ground termites. As there are many factors particularly the home construction which affect the treatment method.

How Can I prevent Termites infestation

As during the construction time use concrete foundation and leave a ventilation space between

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