Wood Borer Pest control

Wood Borer are small creepy crawlies whose larvae feed is widely on the wood. The wood worms while developing make modest pin size gaps on the surface of wood furniture or fixture. Those little opening which you see on the wood surface are really the exit. Here at Rex Environment Science Pvt. Ltd wood borer pest Control Company in Gujarat gives you and help to increase the life of your expensive wooden articles. Yellowish in colored powder start showing up from these small opening. Indicates ruinous movement of borers somewhere inside the center of the wood. We also provide Wood Borer Pest control services.

Backed by a team of skilled and well trained professional we are able to help our client with Wood Borer pest control services. It is common problem which is found in the furniture and fixtures of wooden items. Pest controls are executed by our professional using optimum quality method and latest technology. The used chemical is tested thoroughly and procured reliable vendors to ensure effective operation and eco friendliness. We provide all others anti wood borer treatment with special guidelines to safeguard the surrounding area and environment. Offered services is widely acknowledged by our client owing to its promptness and cost effectiveness features. Our precious client can avail this service from us at most reasonable prices.

Wood Termite Pest Control

Having years of experience in this domain, we are one of the best Wood borer pest controls in Ahmedabad. Our experienced surveyors have carried out a thorough inspection assessing the extent of any problem. The Treatment of Wood borer issues in properties of all ages and sizes. Treatments are specially designed to disrupt at one of the lifecycle stages and the larvae buried in the timber. Our technician uses a chemical injection to treat the affected area to reduce the growing stages of pest inside the wood.

wood-borer pest control


  • Safe to use
  • long lasting effect
  • Ideal for residential and industrial application
  • environment friendly
  • Reliable
  • free from toxic element
  • cost effective


There are multiple signs are there where you will find beetles. If wood borers have infested timber or wooden product there is various ways to see like

  • Fresh exit holes in timber
  • dead beetles
  • eggs
  • wood borer larvae
  • Sound
  • Week and demaged floor boards
  • tunnels in wood
  • bore dust
  • crumbling wood
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